One To One Swim Coaching

Five things this lesson will do to improving your swimming

  1. Feedback on your swim stroke and guidance to make improvements.
  2. Video is used for each lesson. Once you can see yourself swimming everything becomes clear. This helps you make the changes needed to become a better swimmer.
  3. The water current in the Endless Pool offers excellent proprioceptive feedback highlighting every change you make to your stroke.
  4. The underwater mirror is an added advantage to watching what you are doing underwater with every stroke you take
  5. The Endless pool is in a private bespoke clean facility with water temp set at an ideal 29 degrees


Each one to one swim lesson is 50 minutes long. 

Total cost for each 50 minute lesson is $85 per lesson.

Buy 3 x 50 minute lessons for $225 (save $30) 

You don't want a One To One lesson, but you want to use the pool?Currently on Special until end of July 2020

Buy 5 x 30 minute personal swims in pool $99

Buy 5 x 50 minute personal swim sessions in pool  - Cost $199 -Optional  FREE One To One 30 minute swim video lesson is offered with this 5 x 50 minute package

Video shows athlete enjoying the unique experience of swimming in the Endless Pool 

Do you want to swim faster?

Did you know there is a mutual and indisputable relationship between lowering your strokes and swimming faster!

If you want to swim faster it must become an engrained habit to know the number of strokes per length you are taking from an easy pace to a hard pace.

The key is to travel further with each stroke you take.

Here are 2 ways below in brief.

  1. You must reduce drag by learning a better body position in the water. The Endless Pool is magic for bringing through this awareness of body position.
  2. Learning to first place your hand in the water at the correct entry point, then applying pressure on your palm and holding the water followed by effectively applying power backwards, rather than downwards,sideways or even upwards. Once this is achieved you are well on your way to moving faster through the water with less effort.

    Want to learn how to put it all together? Book in for a One to One swim lesson and let the journey begin.