Cycle Coaching

Most all individuals can perform much better than they currently are if they are open to welcoming new ideas. Go2max Cycle coaching is a system driven towards helping individuals lift themselves to consistently higher levels.

Learn to appreciate that you have unlimited potential and remove any self imposed limitations on your performance regardless of the time available you have. My goal as your coach is to give you the right tools to learn to establish an ongoing expectation that the maximum effort today is to be the minimum benchmark for tomorrow.


Go2max cycle coaching welcomes all levels and ability's both male and female.

Putting the beyond within reach.

More often than not my belief in you will be greater than your own. That is the way it should be.

With having over 30 years in endurance racing and coaching gives me great insight into how everything is put together physically,mentally & emotionally. All vital to successful outcomes regardless of what you are striving for. 



A personal best approach

You do not need to win to be a winner!

What is important though and that is to understand you win by being better today than what you were yesterday. The Go2max approach is that you are not a static identity, but are changeable, trainable and modifiable.

My goal as a coach is that when the times comes for you to hang up your wheels you have a better understanding of yourself as an individual and have learnt more about yourself than you ever thought possible. Maybe even along the way you win more than your fair share of contests as well.

Interested in being coached or want to know more about how I can help you? 

Call Walter - 021 813195 or go to homepage banner and book a free intro session to discuss more.