Gravity X Trainer.

Goals cannot be achieved when stuck in the injury cycle.

The Anti-Gravity X frame and special pants used in combination with your Treadmill is a unique piece of equipment that enables individuals to walk or run at a lower percentage of their body weight in up to most cases 20kg  reducing load on joints & muscles.

 If you are someone who struggles to get consistency with your workouts, or fast workouts without constantly coming up with issues, then the Gravity X trainer is for you. 


The Gravity X Trainer is ideal for achieving higher leg speed turnover consistently week after week without fear of injury due to reduced loading and the anti-gravity effect.  


Rehabilitation Clinics

The Gravity X Trainer is also ideal for patients with orthopedic, neurological & cardiac conditions. This is ideal for all Personal training clinics ,Physiotherapists and more offering higher success rates due to having a watchful eye on the return to active movement or training depending on each clients needs.


Full set up that includes Gravity X Frame and special pants has a retail of $3750 + GST. 

Currently their is a pre-order production wait of 30 days from when full payment is made to receiving the Anti-Gravity X frame and special pants. 

Setting up the Gravity X Frame

It is best to do this with 2 people and will take approximately 30-45 minutes. 

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